About Air Dry Clay

Air Dry Clay is a magical play dough that you can turn into art pieces with any special tools. It’s perfect for making all sorts of crafts and having lots of creative fun! It has a spongy, soft and light composition which makes it easy for the little ones to manipulate and share.

Let your imagination run wild and create anything you want with the assorted colours available. Let your creations sit out, and over time, they will become hard. No need for any oven to bake them; just simply dry in the air!

Air Dry Clay is safe and non-toxic, making it suitable for young children to use under supervision. It’s a fantastic way to introduce kids to sensory play and crafting! 

Clean up is easy and will clean off skin, tools and surfaces easily with soap and water. For best results, please clean up immediately after play. Avoid having contact with clothes.

If the clay gets too hard, simply drip a few drops of water and soften it. If too much water is added, simply allow the clay to sit until excess water has evaporated. Store unused clay in an airtight container away from the sun.



Important Note

This product is not meant to be eaten and should be used with adult supervision at all times.

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